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we strive at giving you utmost comfort so that you can concentrate on your objective of the pilgrimage. We shall together learn some practical life-long lessons on how to make an everlasting shift in the direction of your life.

Our Mission

May Allah blessing light your way, strengthen your faith and bring joy your heart as your praise and serve him today, tomorrow and always.

Our Vision

Take your family ad friends to perform Hajj with the help of the cheapest and best quality 5-star group Hajj package. That satisfies your pilgrimage travel to Hajj.

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Hajj and Umrah service,

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Story About Dawah Haj

We, at Dawah Hajj Services, advocate supreme comfort and luxury through our Hajj Tours and Umrah Tours. Just like all our bespoke itineraries, the Umrah Packages also help you take a step ahead in your spiritual journey with hotels that are located at short distances from the religious destinations.

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We also boast of all-year-round Umrah Packages that are tailor-made by putting your well-being at the forefront. A holy expedition ultimately is a route to delve into one's devotional periphery through the performance of religious duties. At a time of self-exploration such as this, affluence in your travel and stay is paramount.

Know Who We Are

Our Working Process

Experienced Guide

We have an experienced guide with
your journey throughout your travel
to give more information about Hajj

Hotel Arrangements

when you landing on, for your comfort
we will arrange the best hotel arrangements.
based on your package.

Food Accomodation

Healthy and Hygienic food are offered by
our organization
with south Indian food based on your package.

Time Management

We follow the scheduled process
for the pilgrimage travel and give
your unforgettable time spending memories in Hajj.

Helping low & high budget packages claim

Dawah Haj service is best suitable for those who want to travel to the auspicious Haj for all status persons
The Services are delivered for our valuable people with valuable cost.